Tony Woods has always been concerned about ‘emotional integrity’.This has seen him often work against the grain in preference for stripping things down to their essential vocabulary and formal structures. A strong distaste for superficiality explains why he has sought a more reflexive and at times metaphysical approach in his life and work. – Dr. Sheridan Palmer



Grandmother is a Sinclair, from Leytonstone East London (UK), married an Australian ex-soldier, a Whitton, in London, three daughters and one son, moved toTasmania and settled in Hobart, grandmother was a dressmaker, and her brother Frank also settled in Hobart and became the first men’s tailor in that city, grandfather had been gassed during the war and was not able to do much. My mother Peggy Rita Whitton aged 20, born in London, married my father David Henry Woods aged 27, born in Hobart on 11/08/1939. I was born17th May1940 Anthony David Woods, in Hobart.

Apparently I was a so called ‘blue baby’, my father a Catholic would not allow a blood transfusion, but changed his mind after argument with my grandmother (Church of England), my mother could not have any more children, I have a dim memory of an older boy being considered for adoption, this did not work out. I do not know much about my father’s immediate family, I guess

I should have asked questions. We lived in Salvator Rd, West Hobart,

my father and his two brothers (Jack, a butcher and Les, a cabinet maker), there was also a sister Joan, built our house, dad worked at the EZ company at Risdon, as a shift worker and later was on the staff, which meant that whenever there was a strike, he still had to go to work, my mother was a dress maker who worked from home. I consider my first art lessons came from my helping my mother with her work, chalking around the paper patterns and then cutting out the shapes of dress material – a confident single chalk line was essential so that the cutting with scissors was accurate, and you had to lay out the paper patterns so as not to waste material.


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